What's a veil?
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What's a veil?

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Bilging Empty
PostSubject: Bilging   Bilging EmptyThu Apr 12, 2007 4:46 am

Bilging by far is everyones idea of an easy puzzle. Some people like I have in the past will have difficulty with it. I never understood the puzzle until I was 6 months into the game bounce The only thing you really need to do is combos in bilge

Here are some tips I recieved when I asked a couple of mates if they could teach me to bilge~

#1 Limit your moves and keep it simple
eg. 1 or 2 moves - X in a row
1 or 2 moves - 3x3, 3x4, 4x4, Ax5
3 or 4 moves - AxBxC

#2 Dont rush!! If your pump is gold and sparkly make a move every 4 or 5 seconds. Bilge is something you can do slowly and keep a watchful eye out.

#3 Stick with easy combos you see and dont try make a Sea Donkey and end up finishing it in 20 moves Smile

#4 Crabs, pufferfish and jellyfish will appear alot so make use of them. Blow up your pufferfish the moment you see them (make sure they wont blow up crabs or jellyfish too) so they dont interfere with your combos. Clear crabs as you go and try clear them along with a combo. simply just clearing crabs can also score very well.
Jellyfish is everyones best friend in bilge so dont waste them, when your running low on moves is the best time.

#5 Take advantage of high water level! Crabs count alot when you clear them with high water level but they can also be hard to clear at times.

Here is a screenshot of three examples of combos. Outlined in red is a bingo, in yellow is a 3x3 and in orange is a 1x4

Have any other tips you would like to share? Post them below pirat
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