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 A Beyond The Veil Rally !

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PostSubject: A Beyond The Veil Rally !   Sat May 12, 2007 4:45 pm

With The Permission of Kenchio i would like to hold a Rally in the upcoming week !

A Rally is pretty much a scavenger hunt completed in teams . There will be an entrance fee for each member a portion of the entrance fee will be donated to the flag and the other proceeds will be dumped into a pot wich the winning team will split.

The Rules would be simple create groups of 4-5 pirates in wich will recieve 1 clue. That clue will lead you to a set person who will then give you the second clue wich will lead you to do a certain activity ... After u finished the activity the overseeing admin of that specific part of the event will give you a hint to the location of a present or an animal hidden amongst the buildings and forests of Alkaid ! =o!!...NOTE: There maybe be more clues or activity's you must do this is only an idea, when you form your groups this will not have to be an inner flag event if not you can invite and or tell anyone you wish ..

(entrance fees and or set date time are not yet released)i have still not recieved permission from the Governor Kenchio =P
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PostSubject: BTV RALLY   Mon May 14, 2007 9:22 am

Sounds like it has potential...
I'm not familiar with island operations, but maybe bots instead of ppl for clues if possible, or scrolls left around the place with messages, just to cut down on the amount of ppl needed online at once for event admin.


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A Beyond The Veil Rally !
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